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Bradley Braasch, D.D.S.
About Us

This page will provide more information about our business philosophy and history.

Our Business Philosophy

"In everything, therefore, treat people the same way you want them to treat you."

Our Clinic

Founded on June 1, 1997, our clinic provides a modern and comfortable atmosphere for dental treatment. Our services include all phases of general dentistry and especially preventative treatment.
Our clinic will complete a physical expansion of facilites in the first quarter of 2001. A larger reception room with an area for children, a larger business office with an enhanced computer network and several more operatories will be added. Our computer system will be the focus of many improvements including electronic filing of insurance claims for speedy resolution and terminals in each operatory for scheduling future appointments and entering treatment plans.
Since our inception we have always paid special attention to OSHA infection control protocols. All handpieces and instruments are subjected to heat sterilization after each use and water lines are chemically treated. We welcome any questions you may have concerning these procedures.

The modern dental office is beset with a myriad of business transactions. Insurance processing, accounting, patient charts, treatment plans, appointment scheduling, banking, and answering the telephone to name a few. The office manager is devoted to meeting these needs accurately and efficiently for each and every patient.

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Deb Rystrom

Deb Rystrom, our business office manager, has always gone above and beyond the call of duty. Deb was our first dental assistant and has a thorough knowledge of dental treatment.
As office manager, Deb bears an enormous responsibility in dealing with hundreds of insurance companies and the various needs of our patients. Deb is responsible for all customer support matters and for new technologies that are rapidly changing the way we do business.

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